Diverted: High Flyers and Frequent Liars by Mark S. Mogel

Welcome to the website for my book, Diverted: High Flyers and Frequent Liars, the amazing and shocking true story behind the airline passengers' bill of rights. Please visit and Like my Facebook page:

Mark Mogel on Larry Kane's Voice of Reason -- March 2008

This website provides a multimedia view of Diverted -- a view not possible for a physical book or an e-book. Readers will find herein, video clips, photographs, and other detailed background information that I used to write the book, but that were not otherwise possible to publish in book form.

BTW - that's me (above) advocating for airline passengers' rights on a television news program in 2008. For nearly three years, I worked with Kate Hanni to end tarmac delays and improve the overall flying experience for airline passengers. In the end, we got a host of airline passengers' rights enacted by the federal government. One might think these achievements would have, should have, could have ended favorably for eveyone. It didn't. As they say, "No good deed goes unpunished."

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